The NSRCO company has been helping the food industry with food service equipments, food programs, fresh & frozen foods and supporting supplies & accessories. With time-proven performance, reliable equipments, name recognition and the delicious flavor than you can ever imagine, NSRCO is already a household name among the professionals in the industry.

NSRCO LTD, set up in the year of 2006, specializes in manufacturing food service equipment, serving both commercial and house hold market. Our company's strength includes gas, electrical, electronic and sheet metal manufacture. Our engineers are all experts in their own field, including electrical circuitry, gas safety. 3-D sheet metal design software.

Our high quality reputed choice for you will enhance your business with our products. Our company is already a renowed name in India's market.Our product are well known for their elegant and aesthetic appearence, as well as for their capability to meet robust and tough handling during application.

Our Sophisticated manufacturing system ensures state-of-art and cost efficient manufacturing means that we always increase our competitiveness for our customers. Our manufacturing system is the one of the few best in India which provides accurate results. To ensure consistent quality during mass production, NSRCO has different  check points to consider on all equipment parts. Jigs and fixtures are also very important to enable workers to accomplish the work task with ease.

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